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Our company philosophy is simple, provide the best possible service to ensure maximum revenue while reducing our client’s costs. This means we go after the insurance companies relentlessly to fight for your money. Our Experienced Billers and Coders know what it takes to deal with the insurance companies to get your claims paid right. With the proper training we can make sure that we are working with your practice to effectively bill the insurance companies and patients quickly. Plus with our enhanced reporting you will be able to track the progress and hold us accountable.

If you’re successful we are successful!

Doctors One Solution LLC, takes care of all the insurance and patient billing, letting you and your staff focus on what you do best Taking good care of your patients! Our services will help you maximize your profits while controlling and minimizing your costs. Let us do what we do best, handle your billing and fight for your money.


Our Service includes the following:

Charge Entry

Based on your specialty we will post, review and submit all the office charges, hospital visits, surgeries and diagnostic and laboratory tests, to ensure accuracy, completeness and proper coding.

Claim Submission

Claims are submitted and tracked electronically for immediate payment, follow up and resolution

Denial Management

We appeal all denials to ensure correct claims processing and compensation.

Payment Posting

Our expert patient and insurance payment posting team enters in payments on a daily basis.

Patient Billing

We handle all patient billing and collections. Patients will communicate with us directly regarding all billing issues.

A/R Follow-up

All unpaid claims are reviewed and acted upon to get your money you worked for. Claims are followed up on systematically and quickly. We diligently pursue your claims for maximum insurance reimbursement and appeal your denials.


Every month Doctors One Solution provides you with a customized financial reports package which allows you to closely track your practice’s financial health.

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